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City Spit by Adrienne Adams

Lida Literary
Lida Literary

The city is made of spit. Purple folds on its back offering wings. Glow lights surround window streets. Caucaphonic art echoing caves. It’s a busy festival if you look up. Night rainbows glide by in street cars, saturating pavements. We crash hard at life offering us so much. Courses in tears. Degrees in delight. Pay, attention. At 13 I learned that finding beauty in the oil spills in parking lots was a necessary survival skill for life. There will always be birds drowning. I’ve tucked mine safely away in the corners of my eyes. She peeks out chirping every time I need to cry.

Adrienne Adams is a poet, artist and curator dedicated to creating safer inter-sectional space to honour the feminine. Her work is published in Antilang, FreeFall, New Forum, Deathcap, Wax, NōD, Polyglot, YYC POP and others. She curates Woolf’s Voices, joking that it’s an excuse to howl in public.