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Issue 03

Lida Issue 03!

Lida Literary
Lida Literary

Download Issue 03 now in either epub or pdf format.

*We recommend downloading the .epub from our google drive onto your phone or tablet and opening it in your favorite ereader.

We are so excited to release our third issue! Check out the amazing poems, short stories and art in this issue from our incredible contributors. Be sure to check out the author's bios and follow them on social media!


Adrienne Adams
Sarah Bean
Jaimee Boake
Ann-Marie Brown
Mel Castillo
Janelle Dowdy
Melody Griffin Dowdy
Maryam Gowralli
Dustin Griffin
Garry Griffin
Erika Josephison
Delane Just
Shay Latif
Ainsley Louie-Suntjens
Renée Meloche
Dante Miller
Myrna Richter
Calum Robertson
Lauren Seal
Erin Emily Ann Vance
Anna Wallace
Buddy Wallace
Jasper Wrinch