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Lida Issue 01

Lida Literary
Lida Literary

The day has come! Our first issue is officially live and I could not be more ecstatic!! I sincerely want to thank all our amazing contributors for enthralling us with their tales of sex toys, home/place, dystopian realities, history, and peaches, to name a few. As well as all the interested readers who have expressed their enthusiasm for the first issue. I am absolutely blown away by all the submissions and support we've received!

The idea of starting a literary magazine has been on my mind for the last couple years. During my creative writing undergrad, I quickly fell in love with editing, collaborating, seeing potential in other people's writing and doing my part to help them get to where it needed to go. Until this last year, I never felt quite ready to head up a magazine. To be honest, I still don’t. But, I have since put the idea of "being ready" to bed, because I don't think you're ever fully ready. You just jump and see what happens. And I've been pleased to find, if you give the people a platform, they'll use it.  

The past couple months have been an unprecedented time in our modern history. When we first put out our first call for submissions, I had no idea what the coming months would bring. As we all tried to make sense or at least process the uncertainty of quarantine, our first issue ended up with an unintentional theme: home. We decided to nestle these "home" stories and poems in the center of the magazine (p. 36-56) amongst our other works.

It's more important now than ever before to share our stories and individual experiences honestly and unapologetically. We hope to be a platform in which to do that.

I hope you enjoy reading our inaugural issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together!